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Executive Life & Health Coaching

$250 Per Hour or $2500 for Upgrade Package Including Health Coaching


Hourly conferences via Zoom

Coaching and somatic embodiment

Addressing and working through blocks

Support via text and email

Hourly coaching to get you through a tough moment in time  - $250 per session, you bring the topic.


Upgrade Package: Get into Presence! Upgrade Package Recommended  those who want to improve thier Health, Wealth, and Happiness. This program is for women with autoimmune issues who are trying to heal the root cause of health problems today, or men who want to buy back lost time and reverse the signs of aging. Learn the basics of good health while understanding the difficulty of making lifelong changes. We will learn why emotional intelligence is so important to mindset, address blocks to healing, renew all areas of your life for permanent improvement in your well being. Eight week package.

Learn a few Biohacks: or tricks, and tips to reverse brain fog and inflammation. Age Backwards and turn back the aging process while you heal.  There is absolutely no medical advice given (or needed) to heal autoimmune, or regain your youthful vigor! Learn easy ways to start where you are at and have people stop you on the street (or send Zoom chats) about how you are glowing!


Join the Wait List for our next sessions starting January 2021!



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