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Let the Sun Shine In

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

I have several top life hacks I like to share. This one took my whole life to learn, was there all along, and is free.

Photo by Daniela Medina

A year ago I described myself as a night owl. I am notorious for staying up late to get things done, I push and learn and read, and had I not done so I would not be healing from my autoimmune, but it was hurting me too. I had a lifetime of proof that I was a night owl; from Junior High on, I often stayed up all night and slept all day. I was "at my best," after the bars closed, I thought.

The 2018 Bulletproof Conference was where I started my official Life Coach Training for ICF Certification. At the time, I had to force myself awake with Bulletproof Coffee, and Brain Octane, or C8 oil (at type of MCT Oil), and lots of butter or ghee. I was drinking tons of caffeine and on the lookout for other healthy stimulants to get my "mom-butt" up in the morning.

I had online classes starting with Bulletproof after two full days of training with them in person, and many were at 8 am which seemed early at the time. And my mini-study group of others students ended up being either from the East coast of the U.S. or Europe, so early calls were on my schedule. I was thinking I would just push my way through it all, and get to the other side one way or the other.

Lucky for me, at the Bulletproof Conference, I spoke briefly with Michael Breus, Ph.D., author of The Power of When, a book on understanding sleep. Others may have seen him on Dr. Oz, but he was new to me. His field of study is sleep, and I knew I needed to improve my "sleep hygiene" as we call it in the Biohacking world. Michael gave some easy tips and suggested that I learn if I am a Lion, Wolf, Bear, or Dolphin. I said, "Oh, I am a Dolphin, and an ex-Wolf," without looking deeply into the situation. I based it on quickly hearing how dolphins sleep with one eye open and that wolves are what I called a Night Owl.

I took the book home and confirmed I was either a wolf or dolphin, but moms are often dolphins, and this can be temporary. It's called "momming," and it is hard with small kids. At the time I started training, my littlest was three years old, and still co-sleeping. I tried to apply the principles of wolves into my routine, and I was quickly sinking into a place of unrest. I couldn't feel energized all day, I wasn't getting done what I needed to do, and was falling behind at school.

In my learning program with Bulletproof Training Institute, we learned sleep is the foundation for a good life, and good health. They taught us how to coach for sleep, and we spent an entire week learning how to get others to sleep more soundly. I learned that our sleep types can be found in our DNA, which is exciting. I am kind of a nerd when it comes to wanting to look up my raw data, which I have from 23andme. To my shock, it said I was a Lion.

It makes some sense that I am a Lion. I had been a manager at every job I have had since I was 24, and am pretty good at bossing and organizing, I do have Type A personality, although I like to deny it. After five minutes of disbelief, I put the Lion principles to work for me. Within a few days that I realized I had been doing it wrong my whole life.

At that same time I started living like a Lionn, I did an Adrenal Reset at the advice of Dave Asprey, author of the Bulletproof Diet, and founder of our school. The adrenal reset was the game changer that finally allowed me to sleep. With the other sleep hacks, I had done such as make my phone screen red, blue blocking glasses, True Dark glasses, cooling off the room, and meditation I was finally hitting deep sleep and REM.

Since my Adrenal Reset, reset I get up naturally without an alarm every day. I can say goodbye to my husband as he leaves, have my coffee, watch the sunrise, study, work, write, and have the house to myself as the kids get up and we start our homeschool day. Most days I score 85+ on my OuraRing sleep tracking ring. When my health is off, it shows dramatically in my sleep.

As a Lion works in the morning, 1-2 pm each day I am done with anything of important responsibility, and I have zero guilt because I started at 5 am. That gives me entire afternoons to study more (that is my habit and fun for me), meditate, rest, recover, take the kids to the park, or listen to audiobooks.

Every evening I walk the dog, trying to be very consistent and missing only a handful of times. We walk into the sunset and enjoy the colors.

The result of my circadian rhythm work and adrenal reset have been surprising, and I am honestly a changed person. It allowed me to be happier, healthier, on time, prepared for the day, and that makes me a better student, friend, mom, and spouse. It's the foundation for good health and keeps me in alignment toward my goals as an always improving human upgrade.

The downside is that I can't be expected to stay up past 10 pm, and sometimes I go to sleep before 9:00 pm! Living like that is contrary to my life before the reset, and I can't be expected to go to concerts and have a good time without a lot of rest planning. I am ready to leave any party by 8 pm at the very latest. The pain of breaking this new contract I've made with myself is worse than it was when I was a sleep-deprived maniac. Now I know how good it feels to be rested. I love the rest too much to care about what I may be missing out on.

The sun is free, accessible to everyone. Go out there and see the sunrise and sunsets, look at a beautiful blue sky every day if you have it. Feel the rays of light on your skin, giving you life. Bonus points if you are barefoot!

If you are interested in becoming a Bulletproof Human Potential Coach, I have an affiliate link for you to use, and if you do so, you will be allowed into my master training classes for coaches, and get help from me reviewing your final! Check out this link to learn more about being a coach:

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