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In 2009 I retired from construction management after two decades in the business. By the time I was 25 I was managing over 100 people, but the skills I had were old-fashioned and meant to motivate others to work for me, not to help me manage everything on my plate so that I could be productive and happy.

I suffered some major burnout at work and tried to find someone who had been there, someone who could guide me to make my life and career more manageable.  

I found a therapist, but it wasn't what I was looking for. I needed practical help getting through my huge responsibilities and help me balance work and home.  I ended up leaving my high six-figure income job and had lupus, thyroid problems, inflammation, and chronic fatigue issues.

I used health coaching, "biohacking", and lifestyle changes to heal from my autoimmune issues, which introduced me to coaching for others. 

 I have spent the past 10 years accumulating knowledge to help those who need support for getting through a tough project, job interview, client relationship, or life issues that affect their work performance. I have strived to become that person I needed before I left my career in management.

I started formal training as a Certified Human Potential Coach in 2017, and graduated and completed certification with the International Coach Federation. 

In addition to coach training, I have completed courses on meditation, somatic embodiment, herbalism, biohacking, sleep, and health. 

My current and past coaching clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, seniors, engineers, executives, artists, and entertainers.

"Don't give today away. Take control of your health, emotions, relationships, and career. Work with me to learn tools that keep you present and moving upward."

-Catherine Easley

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