Executive Life Coaching​

Catherine works with executives, small business owners, and coaches with business, career, and personal goals.

Clients are looking to obtain the next level of success, or need to work past obstacles, and are trying to grow their soft skills.


Getting into the present moment is a soft skill that allows deep listening, focused intent, the release of unrealistic expectations and fears. Allowing your stress to melt away, improving focus, and improving relationships are all possible with coaching. 

Have you ever wondered: 

Why haven't I gone further in my life? Why are others more successful? What do they have that I don't? The answer could be Presence.

"Cathie has the ability to listen carefully and hone in on the tiniest of possibilities. She approached them in a way that offered discovery, inspiration, and reconnection to the person I was and helped me start on the path of all that I can be. In my year of working with her, I was reacquainted with pieces of myself I had brushed aside or hidden. Because of her gentle guiding, I feel stronger, happier and fulfilled in a way that I haven't been in a very long time."

Ilana T. - Sole Proprietor

"Cathie is awesome! She really cares and was an excellent guide as I made major changes in my life. She has a wealth of knowledge about health and lifestyle stuff I had no idea about. Highly Recommend!"

K. Brown, Manager and Entrepreneur


After two decades in the Construction industry



Coaching  Services

***Custom Packages  and Group Coaching Available Upon Request***



"Coaching with Catherine was wonderful. She knew how to dive in deeper to get to the real root of my issue. Then we mastered a plan together around how to shift the energy and leave the issue behind. If you are here reading this JUST DO IT!" - Lori S.

Executive/Business Coaching

Life and Health Coaching  for business executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers

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Group and Private Coaching 

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